WayForward’s Adventure Time game has the Ice King stealing garbage

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We don’t know much about WayForward’s Adventure Time game, but details are starting to trickle out. Most importantly, the Fall 2012 DS and 3DS release will have one of the longest video game titles ever. Prepare for a mouthful, because when you go to buy a copy you’ll have to march up to the clear and say you need Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?

As you can tell from that title, the Adventure Time game will have the same kind of humor as the Cartoon Network series. It’s understandable, as series creator Pendleton Ward is actively involved in helping WayForward with the game. The fact that you’ve got the creator and a fantastic developer working together should ensure a fantastic end product.

Details on gameplay and story are still vague, but the cover art and title suggest that the Ice King is up to his princess stealing ways again. Except this time, it seems like the Ice King has been stealing people’s garbage in order to create his own princess. Of course, Finn and Jake have made it their mission to save all princesses in their search for adventure and treasure, so they’ve got to get involved. An original story is guaranteed and there will apparently be lots of dungeons and treasure for Finn and Jake to explore and find.

I’m really excited about the Adventure Time game. It’s one of the best recent series on Cartoon Network and it feels like the perfect fit for a video game. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 2D or 2.5D Metroidvania adventure!
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