You won’t have to spend a dime on Starhawk map packs

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Dylan Jobe, the president of LightBox Interactive revealed on the PlayStation Blog today that every single map pack for Starhawk is going to be free. The image you see above is of a planet named Cypress. Cypress is going to be the setting of an upcoming map pack. There will still be paid DLC of some kind, but LightBox is still figuring out exactly how it will handle additional DLC.

So why is LightBox being so generous? It all goes back to how DLC was handled with Warhawk. When paid DLC was introduced in Warhawk, it caused fragmentation among players. If you didn’t own certain DLC, you couldn’t play with those who did. Lightbox doesn’t want that to happen again with Starhawk.

Starhawk is available right now exclusively on PS3. Don’t forget to download your goodies if you participated in the beta.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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