Jetpack Joyride comes to Facebook in beta form

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We’re going to have a much harder time avoiding Jetpack Joyride now. Halfbrick has released this ridiculously fun and successful game on Facebook in open beta. Jetpack Joyride on Facebook is based on the iOS version, but it has some Facebook hooks as well.

Now that this game is on Facebook, you can mock your friends for not being able to top your high score. Halfbrick has also made it possible to take in-game screenshots and post them to your Timeline. Other than that, this is the same Jetpack Joyride that probably ate up hours of your time over the past several months.

From a business perspective, Halfbrick stands to make a lot of money on this game through microtransactions. We’re pretty sure that’s the reason why Jetpack Joyride made the move to Facebook in the first place.

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