Foxconn chief pretty much confirms the rumored Apple iTV

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The rumors about Apple planning to sell its own HDTV received a lot more fuel today. A report from China Daily says Foxconn chief Terry Gou confirmed his company is preparing to manufacture the so-called Apple iTV in an interview with them. 

The iTV isn’t currently in production, nor is it in development at Foxconn. However, Gou did reveal the television would feature Siri and video calling through FaceTime. As for the build materials, the iTV is said to have an aluminum body. When it does come out, iTV will not likely be mistaken for anything other than an Apple product.

The details stop there, but there’s plenty more to speculate on. Apple sells premium products, so chances are the iTV will be more expensive than other televisions of similar size. Apple has to come up with a way for people to justify spending more money on its TV compared to others. Siri and FaceTime are nice, but aren’t enough reasons for anyone to possibly spend hundreds of extra dollars on.

The iTV could also take on the form of a gaming console. AirPlay already allows games to be beamed to televisions from iOS devices that are connected to the Apple TV. Should iTV contain access to the App Store (which it should), it’ll give developers a whole new platform experiment with.

Via [China Daily]

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