Help stress test Path of Exile today

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I had never heard of Path of Exile before today. I ended up giving this game a shot after seeing a post about it on Joystiq. Path of Exile hasn’t been fully released yet because it’s currently in beta. For the next day or so, Grinding Gear Games is conducting a public stress test for Path of Exile to test its servers. If you’re looking for something to scratch your Diablo III itch this weekend, you may want to give this game a shot.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play action RPG. It appears as if it’s a MMO, but it’s really not. Although this game requires an internet connection to play, you won’t be running around in a world populated by hundreds of other players at one time. You can choose to go it alone, or team up with a small group of friends to take on quests. The combat areas of the game are instanced, which means only you and your group will be the only actual players in those areas. Path of Exile also has hubs which serve as locations to potentially meet other players, buy and sell gear and take on more quests.

I chose to fight as a Templar in my game, but there are a handful of other classes to choose from as well. You can expect this game continue the traditions of past action RPGs by allowing you to find loot, assign skills and kill anything that moves by clicking on it.

If you like the game, you can pay $10 to get into the closed beta. You’ll also get 100 in-game points that can be used to purchase cosmetic upgrades for your character. There are also other tiers you can buy in to for more money. It basically works just like Kickstarter in that awards are given out based on how much money you contribute to the game.

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