SCEA president is against blocking used games on consoles

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Separate leaks out of Sony and Microsoft indicated both companies were looking to implement anti-used game software in their next gaming consoles. Sources speaking to Kotaku said the next PlayStation console, which is supposedly codenamed Orbis, will lock out some aspects of used games until players spend money to access the rest. It all sounds very evil to the consumer, but apparently Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton feels the same way.

In an episode of The Bonus Round, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said he personally asked Tretton how he felt about blocking used games on consoles. Tretton responded he is personally opposed to that practice because Sony has customers who look for cheaper games after purchasing its consoles years into its life cycle.

Tretton was not speaking for Sony as a whole when he made those comments. Pachter said Tretton also commented the head honchos in Japan may feel differently about this situation.

It’s good to know one of these executives are on our side.

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