Pokemon 3DS apps pave the way for Pokemon Black and White Version 2

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Get ready for a Pokemon influx people! Nintendo’s been pretty quiet about North American releases of Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2, but it’s latest 3DS app announcements herald the coming of oodles of pocket monsters. Not to mention it indirectly confirmed US releases of the Pokemon Black and White sequels. Prepare yourself as soon the Pokedex 3D Pro and Pokemon Dream Radar apps will appear on the eShop.

The interesting part about this news is that Nintendo specifically said in its press release that these two Fall 2012 apps will give Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 players more to do. It’d be pretty odd to play up that angle and how these two apps connect to those games if said games weren’t coming to our region.

Anyways, Pokedex 3D Pro is basically a better and larger version of Pokedex 3D. Where the original, free app only had 153 pokemon, this one will have over 600. It will also cost money. Aside from that, it’s just like the original app. You can look at pokemon, find out information about them and take pictures of them in the real world with AR cards. If you already had the original app, all of your unlocked entries will be imported into this one.

Pokemon Dream Radar, on the other hand, is like Face Raiders. Except here, you’re shooting pokemon and not your friends faces on flying robots. Also, it’s going to cost you money. On the plus side, any pokemon you catch in the app can be transferred over to your copy of Pokemon Black Version 2 or White Version 2. Still, there’ll probably be other means to catch those same pokemon in your game without paying more for an extra app, so maybe hold off on picking up this one.

The one thing Nintendo didn’t mention is if Pokedex 3D will disappear when Pokedex 3D Pro appears. I’m guessing yes, because that’s what’s going to happen in Japan when Pokedex 3D Pro launches next month.

Now, let’s talk release dates. Nintendo didn’t offer any, aside from the Fall 2012 window. E3 2012’s when we’ll probably learn more, but I’d like to make a guess. These apps and Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 are all being released in Japan in June 2012. Nintendo clustered them together. Since Nintendo’s offering a Fall 2012 window for the NA versions of the apps, I’d like to guess we’ll see them and the Pokemon Black and White sequels before October.

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