3DS firmware updated, Mario Kart 7 patched, Maka Wuhu honor restored

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Nintendo promised us a Mario Kart 7 patch in the middle of May after last month’s firmware update enabled patching, and it’s now the middle of May! I guess that means we can go ahead and fix our games. Let’s just check and, yes. Yes we can fix Mario Kart 7. Get ready to show all those cheaters who the real kings and queens of Maka Wuhu are now!

The whole update process is a little involved. First, you actually have to perform a brief system update to update your firmware. Don’t worry as it’s ridiculously short. It only took me about two minutes to download and install. Then, you need to go to the 3DS eShop. On the second row, the first icon will be of Mario in his cart and say “Ver 1.1.” Tap that and you’ll bring up the Mario Kart 7 Version 1.1 free update. Download the 46 block patch (Why can’t Nintendo just use MB or GB like everyone else?) and you’ll be all set. Any tracks with glitches that allowed players to cheat will be fixed the next time you play.

Now, while the initial patch screenshot and patching instructions are coming from Nintendo of Europe, this is a universal announcement. The Mario Kart 7 patch is now available for all regions.

There’s just one catch to all this – people who don’t apply the firmware update and patch their game can’t play Mario Kart 7 online anymore. They can still enjoy offline play and local multiplayer, but they can’t access communities or any other fun, online stuff. Still, that’s the price you pay to not have to cry out in anguish when you see people making a U-turn before the Maka Wuhu caves to skip half the track and cheat their way to a first place finish.

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