Atelier Meruru will be slightly tardy

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Alright everyone, it’s time for Alchemy 101. Let’s take attendance. Hanna? There you are. Keina? Okay, good. Meruru? Meruru? Has anyone seen Merurulince Rede Arls? Oh yes, that’s right. Our latest alchemist’s adventures have been slightly delayed, which means we’ll have to wait a bit longer to pick up Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Atelier Meruru was supposed to show up in stores on May 22, 2012. Outside forces have made that impossible. NIS America issued a brief statement saying there was a little hitch when it came to actually getting the shipment ready. (Maybe the Unis used in the manufacturing process weren’t fresh enough?) Which means you have to wait one week more for copies of your game. Which really isn’t too bad. It’s not like it’s a month delay. The games will just be shipped out May 29, 2012.

In case this whole game is news to you, Atelier Meruru is the latest Atelier game from Gust and the third game in the PS3 Arland trilogy. Players have to help a young princess become an alchemist, while also helping her develop her kingdom and prepare it for a merger with the Arland Republic. It’s an absolutely fantastic JRPG in an era where you just don’t see good, solid JRPGs anymore. The only faults I could find with it is some of the English voice acting can be a bit grating and the constant recorder music in town starts out quaint and eventually makes you want to burn every recorder you ever see.

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