Japan Import: Project X Zone being made by Monolith Soft

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Everyone’s buzzing about Project X Zone in Japan. It’s a action/strategy crossover RPG for the 3DS featuring famous characters from Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega games all working together for the greater good. In short, it sounds like it has the potential to be really good. However, the latest announcements will certainly start raising people’s expectations. Famitsu has just revealed that Monolith Soft is the game’s developer.

This is exceptionally good news as Monolith Soft has been responsible for a number of fantastic RPGs in recent years. For example, they’ve developed Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos, Soma Bringer and, of course, the recent media darling Xenoblade Chronicles. The company’s also proven it knows what it’s doing when it comes to crossovers, as it created the Namco x Capcom RPG. We never got that game and it wasn’t a huge success with critics, but it did still develop a rather devoted fan following.

While details about Project X Zone are scarce right now, we also know now how battles will proceed. They’ll start out as strategic, with enemies and allies arranged on a grid. When a battle triggers by characters moving next to each other, it will shift to a 2D, beat’em up kind of battle. If other allies are near the character involved in the battle, they’ll join in for support attacks. Characters from Darkstalkers, Dead Rising, Space Channel 5, Street Fighter, Tales of Vesperia, Tekken, Valkyria Chronicles and Xenosaga all have confirmed appearances so far.

As you can probably guess, there’s still no word on whether or not Project X Zone will be released outside Japan. Since all the characters appearing are Namco Bandai, Capcom or Sega owned, all three companies would have to approve. Namco Bandai’s the one in charge of the affair, so let’s hope it decides 3DS owners worldwide need some crossover love.

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