Smart As for the Vita wants to see how smart you really are

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The Nintendo DS used a brain training game to secure its position in the pockets of people all over the world. Is there a reason why Sony can’t do the same thing for the Vita? We’re going to find out this fall when Smart As becomes available for the Vita on PSN and at retail.

Smart As is a brain training game that not only lets kids get away with a clever form of cursing, but it also has social hooks. Through the game’s 20 puzzles, you can share your Brain Power score with friends on Facebook and on the Smart As leaderboards. It also encourages you to take your Vita with you on the go by unlocking specific challenges based on where you’ve been. Other players can drop puzzles for you to solve using the Vita’s near feature, and you can do the same for them.

Smart As is going to try to use the Vita’s various hardware features while having you solve puzzles related to math, observations, logic and language. Expect some touchscreen and augmented reality puzzles in this game.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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