Dust 514 is accepting beta registrations now

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CCP’s upcoming PS3 free-to-play first person shooter Dust 514 is currently looking for players to fill some empty spaces in its closed beta program. By simply inputting your email address on the Dust 514 website, you’ll be given the chance to participate in the beta at some point throughout the summer.

Dust 514 has a very unique premise backing it up. This game is directly connected to EVE Online, which is a MMO that’s available on PC. As a mercenary in Dust 514, you’ll be taking on jobs that directly impact EVE Online players. The jobs you take on will be offered by actual EVE Online players. If you and your friends are particularly good mercenaries, you can demand your employers to pay you more money. You’ll literally be making a reputation for yourself throughout both games. Dust 514 players will also be able to communicate directly with their employer in EVE Online as well.

CCP is also stressing that Dust 514 will not give paying players a competitive advantage over others. It’s free-to-play, but not pay-to-win.

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