Kickstarter cancels funding for Tentacle Bento

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Earlier this week, we told you about a disturbing Kickstarter project for a game called Tentacle Bento. Tentacle Bento is a trading card game that involves tentacled aliens capturing attractive school girls. Even though the game received way more funding than it needed, Kickstarter decided to cancel its funding four days ago.Before it was axed, Tentacle Bento raised $30,701. The game’s creator, Soda Pop Miniatures, originally asked for only $13,000.

Tentacle Bento didn’t exactly get the best response from the internet since the game basically suggests girls are being captured and sexually assaulted by these aliens. Supporters may tell you differently, but come on, we all know that’s what’s going on.

Soda Pop Miniatures has diverted funding to their site. Almost $32,000 has been pledged so far.

Site [Soda Pop Miniatures]

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