Bellator: MMA Onslaught goes for the knockout this summer

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Recent mixed martial arts games have struggled to get traction in the market. That isn’t stopping contenders from lining up to enter the octagon. GamerTell previously told you about 345 Games and its vision for turning SpikeTV and Comedy Central properties into games. MMA is a mainstay of SpikeTV’s programming. 345 Games is joining with the Bellator promotion MMA Onslaught, a downloadable fighter coming to PSN and XBLA this summer.

Kung Fu Factory, developers of the underwhelming Supremacy MMA, are pressed back into service here. Games such as UFC Undisputed have worked hard to represent the sport authentically. You could argue they made it too realistic. Players almost needed a black belt to figure the control scheme in some of those games. Supremacy went for a more arcade take, but included real athletes such as Jens Pulver. Unfortunately, when you don’t have a major license such as UFC backing you up, it’s harder to market a game.

MMA Onslaught is seeking the best of these two worlds. Its control scheme is designed to be simple with punches and kicks handled by the controller’s buttons and the analog stick for grappling. It has the promotional clout of Bellator and SpikeTV behind it. Expect to see plenty of ads for it during TV shows such as Impact Wrestling and of course, MMA broadcasts.

Another barrier for arcade sports efforts has been price. Consumers just haven’t been willing to drop $60 on these games this console generation. Games including Backbreaker and NBA Jam have gone downloadable recently. At a price point of $10-15, it’s not as big a deal if you buy them and don’t like them. Here’s the latest trailer for MMA Onslaught. You got what it takes to survive in the cage?

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