NVIDIA wants to help produce $199 quad-core Android tablets

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NVIDIA has a plan to really shake up the Android tablet market. The company recognizes that part of the reason why Android tablet market share is so low is because prices are typically too high. The success and shortcomings of the Kindle Fire has convinced NVIDIA to implement its strategy called Kai. Kai’s goal to deliver quad-core Android tablets to the public for $199.

So how does NVIDIA plan to pull this off? NVIDIA’s Kai platform is designed to provide the same performance boost that we’ve come to expect from a Tegra 3-powered tablet, but without expensive internal hardware. Simply put, Kai will let manufacturers use cheaper parts within tablets without sacrificing performance. Kai will also theoretically extend battery life by lowering the amount of power needed for a tablet’s display.

NVIDIA president Rob Csonger quickly moved onto other topics after revealing Kai to shareholders. This leaves us wondering how long it will be before hardware manufacturers begin using the Kai platform. I, for one, believe a market filled with good $199 Android 4.0 tablets is just what the platform needs.

Source: NVIDIA

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