Two video game publishers face $14 million lawsuit over Def Jam Rapstar

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Konami and Autumn Games (publisher of Skullgirls) just got hit with a $14 million lawsuit brought forth by City National Bank. The bank claims it was never paid back any of the money it loaned to Autumn Games to fund the development of Def Jam Rapstar.

According to Courthouse News Service, City National Bank claims it opened a $15 million line of credit after Konami and Autumn Games assured them it would repay the loan with money generated from Def Jam Rapstar sales. The two publishers also alleged Def Jam Rapstar would ship 2.5 million units within one year of its release. CNB now refers to that shipping estimate as “baseless and unrealistic projections.”

To this day CNB alleges it hasn’t gotten any of the money it loaned. Of the $15 million Autumn Games was given, it has spent nearly $14 million so far.  Konami and Autumn Games supposedly don’t believe CNB is entitled to any sales of Def Jam Rapstar.

Via [Courthouse News Service]

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