KickBeat integrates fighting into a music rhythm game

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Music games are nowhere near as popular as they used to be. It’s not that people are just tired of video games with musical elements, the problem is that the public is just tired of the same old “pretend you’re in a band” formula. Make no mistake, music rhythm games have plenty of life left in them. Just look at the newest creation from Zen Studios for example. KickBeat takes out the thrill of being a musician and replaces it with kicking dudes in the face. 

KickBeat is going to be released for the Vita this year. It involves fighting multiple assailants at one time to the rhythm of the music. Instead of throwing notes at the screen or relying on some kind of user interface element that detracts from the action, KickBeat lets its characters provide visual cues. Each time you’re about to be attacked, you have to either touch the Vita’s screen or press the button that corresponds to the direction of the attack. The image above indicates the buttons you have to push, but you can turn all of that off if you want.

KickBeat is going to have 18 real music tracks from artists such as Rob Zombie, In Flames, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach and others. You can even bring in your own music as well. No price has been set, but it will only be available through the PlayStation Store.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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