NVIDIA aims to make cloud gaming even faster

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Cloud gaming appears to be where the video game industry is heading. It’s far too early to start expecting cloud gaming to replace dedicated consoles, but we’re already seeing the technology that will one day make that possible. Last week, NVIDIA revealed a new cloud gaming platform called NVIDIA GeForce Grid. NVIDIA claims the technology that powers this platform will reduce cloud gaming latency better than anything currently available.

NVIDIA GeForce Grid won’t require you to purchase new hardware. All the heavy lifting is being done on NVIDIA’s end through the cloud. NVIDIA is using Grid GPUs and special cloud gaming software to improve cloud gaming on TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers with about 10 milliseconds of latency. Simply put, NVIDIA’s technology is designed to make cloud gaming look and feel as good as local console games.

Now that NVIDIA has the underlying tech down, it needs a partner to distribute games to the public. That’s where Gaikai comes in. Gaikai and NVIDIA are working together to bring NVIDIA GeForce Grid-powered cloud gaming to the public. Hawken was actually the first game to be demonstrated using NVIDIA’s tech. Hawken is also going to be released on Gaikai before anywhere else.


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