The next Skyrim update makes horse armor come in handy

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It hasn’t been too long since Bethesda pushed the latest Skyrim update to PC and consoles. The first full-fledged DLC for Skyrim called Dawnguard is still a closely kept secret until E3 comes around. Until then, we can focus on the next incremental Skyrim update which brings mounted combat into the fray.

Your horse is going to be a lot more active in combat starting today. Update 1.6 will allow you to fight enemies while riding your horse. Both melee and ranged combat is supported.

There’s no release date yet from Skyrim update version 1.6 for consoles, but PC players once again get first dibs. Anyone who wants to test the update on Steam is welcome to do so right now.

That’s not all this update will bring. There are a lot of bug fixes as well. Bethesda has all the patch notes on its blog.

Via [Bethesda Blog]

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