Jet Set Radio gets new life on the Vita

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Getting to play an HD port of Jet Set Radio is absolutely awesome, but the whole idea of it has gotten even better. I mean, it’s fantastic that we’re going to get to play it on consoles again. However, the idea of getting to play it anywhere, at any time, is even better. Which makes the just announced Vita port sound absolutely fantastic.

The Vita version of Jet Set Radio might just end up being the most interesting one. Sega’s decided to tweak the game so it not only has the standard control scheme you expect, but so it uses the touch screens as well. Apparently, you’ll even be able to take photos in the game. I wonder if that means your graffiti can be a picture of your pet or something? It’d be cool if so.

Anyways, the extra love put into it won’t delay it. Jet Set Radio will appear on the PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC and Vita in Summer 2012. Also, the Vita version will be at Sega’s booth at E3 2012 for attendees to test out. We’ll try and make sure one of us stops by to see how it looks!

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