E3 2012: Sony press conference predictions

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Predicting what’s going to happen during Sony’s E3 2012 press conference is more difficult for me than it has been in previous years. Unlike last year, Sony is not likely to show any new hardware. At the same time, Sony needs to have at least one announcement that makes us feel like it was worth tuning in to its press conference in the first place. As with await E3 with eager anticipation, let’s go over some some predictions from Sony’s press conference.

Play Everywhere

The Vita is still new, but I’m starting to think it’s losing steam. There is agreement across the board that the hardware is fantastic, but the Vita is starting to suffer from a lack of software. Don’t get me wrong, the launch line-up was great, but I’m not hearing too much about the Vita anymore. Sony has got to do something to capture the attention of those who decided to the Vita wasn’t worth purchasing when it was brand new.

I’m predicting Sony will reveal more details about the PlayStation Suite SDK, and will get some developers (indie and non-indie) on stage to talk about how great it is. This would also be a great opportunity to showcase some exclusive PS Suite games. These games need to be unique, take advantage of PlayStation Certified hardware features and cheap.

The Vita also needs to break away from the stigma it has as being a portable PS3. While it’s certainly not a bad thing to have all that power in a handheld, the Vita also needs to show it can accommodate smaller games better than smartphones. The fact that the Vita has buttons and a touchscreen already puts it at a huge advantage. It’s up to Sony to drive that point home.

PS3 Price Drop

It feels like it’s time for a PS3 price drop. Making the 160GB PS3 $199 should result in a lot more hardware sales. Maybe bundling it with a game is also in order. I don’t expect Sony to spend a lot of time on this potential announcement, but I am expecting the new price to go into effect almost immediately.

Out of Moves

PlayStation Move feels like an afterthought. Sony put a lot of muscle behind it for a little while, but this piece of hardware has fizzled. Developers are making Move support an optional gimmick as opposed to being the main way to play. E3 2012 is the time for Sony is show if they are going to revitalize Move, or let it die slowly. Unfortunately, I think Sony will chose the latter.

Embrace the Cloud

It was a huge shock when Steam functionality came to the PS3 with Portal 2. Valve was the last company we thought would team up with Sony considering the harsh comments its executives made about the platform in the past. Since we know Sony is open to trying new things, what if cloud gaming is one of them? Gaikai has been making some big moves recently by teaming up with NVIDIA, Facebook and a bunch of publishers. Sony could collaborate with Gaikai on some level. Perhaps a mobile initiative is in order?

Whatever happens, we’ll be sure to bring you all the news as it happens. Be sure to check out our live blog of Sony’s E3 press conference on June 4 at 6pm Pacific.

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