How to play The Binding of Issac with a Xbox 360 controller

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Today is a good day for The Binding of Issac. The Wrath of the Lamb DLC was released, and the price of the main game is $2.00 thanks to the Because We May Sale. This combination has pushed Wrath of the Lamb to the fourth top selling piece of content on Steam, while The Binding of Issac sits in the #18 spot. As fun as guiding Issac through his terrifying basement is, some people have an issue with the game not having official controller support. If you’re among them, we’re going to tell you how to get The Binding of Issac working on a Xbox 360 controller.

There are many ways to add controller support, but this particular solution worked for me. First, I downloaded and unzipped a program called Joy2Key. It’s totally free from a variety of sources, but I got it from CNET. Next, I downloaded a configuration file from Gamebloke. The file has to placed in the same folder as Joy2Key. Once you do that, you should see a button configuration for The Binding of Issac within Joy2Key after you open the program. Click on it once, and boot up The Binding of Issac. That’s all I needed to do to get my Xbox 360 controller working.

If you don’t like the button layout, you can always alter it within Joy2Key. Now that you’re all set, get in that basement and shoot some tears.

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