Bethesda introduces us the demonic nature of Dawnguard

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Dawnguard, the first downloadable expansion to Skyrim, has revealed a little more details about itself. A trailer for Dawnguard was released today, and it provides a glimpse into a society that appears to be half demonic and half vampiric. Dawnguard is going to be intitially released on the Xbox 360 this summer for 1600 Microsoft Points.

The trailer shows the Dragonborn entering a hidden location that houses a group that seems to have the ability to transform into winged demonic creatures. The leader of this group wants to possess The Elder Scrolls and make some major changes to the sun that will probably be detrimental to the rest of Skyrim. In true Skyrim fashion, it appears we’ll have to choose between becoming a part of the group, or team with the Dawnguard. The Dawnguard are the crossbow wielding demon hunters in this expansion.

You can watch the Dawnguard trailer below.

Via [Bethesda]

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