Imageepoch tweet suggests possible Toki to Towa English release

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Okay people, this is why you follow video game developers and publishers on Twitter. Ryoei Mikage is CEO of developer Imageepoch. They’re known for pretty awesome JRPGs. One of their most recent games is Toki to Towa, also known as Time and Eternity or Toki and Towa, which Namco Bandai is so far only releasing on Japanese PS3s.

Except now, Mikage’s tweeted, “I am holding the meeting of whether to sell [TOKI TOWA for PS3] in the United States.”

Go ahead and start squealing with delight at the thought of another PS3 JRPG to play.

Toki to Towa may remind some people of Grandia II, as the main heroine is actually two people at the same time, somehow. The game begins with the hero, the player’s avatar, about to marry a young princess named Toki. It’s a very regal affair. Except thieves crash the party. They take your character down pretty quickly, leaving Toki defenseless. That’s when she *transforms* into Towa, grabs a rifle and saves the day. It’s really pretty convenient.

So throughout the game, Toki and Towa will be swapping back and forth. Each character looks different, has different personalities, skills and attack styles. They just happen to use the same kind of weapon, a gun, and share the same body.

It’s a JRPG with an active battle system, 3D environments but 2D characters drawn and animated by hand. So it’s quite unusual. The story is still a bit fuzzy, as it comes out in Japan later this year, but apparently it has something to do with going through time and I have a feeling the mystery between the whole Toki and Towa relationship will be a driving force.

Know what’s funny? I was talking to some fellow GamerTell and AppleTell writers about our upcoming E3 2012 trip. (Check out our coverage next week!) As a sort-of joke, I said that the second day they could find me scouring booths for any sign of Toki to Towa. I guess now that’ll be true! First stop, Namco Bandai!

Read [Ryoei Mikage on Twitter]

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