Rumor: PS2 backwards compatibility returns through Gaikai and Sony deal

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A rumor from earlier this week said Sony was in the process of acquiring a cloud gaming company. The obvious candidates for such as deal were Gaikai and OnLive. Now days before Sony’s E3 2012 press conference, GamesIndustry has reason to believe Sony has chosen Gaikai as its cloud gaming partner.

Sources for GamesIndustry tell the site the Gaikai and Sony partnership will allow PS2 and PSone games to be streamed to the PS3 through the cloud. Both first and third party offerings will be made available through Gaikai. It still isn’t entirely clear if Sony will purchase Gaikai, or if it’s just another major partner that has a stake in Gaikai’s growing empire.

Sony could also theoretically make PS2 and PSone games available on its smartphones, tablets, televisions and the Vita. The hardware really doesn’t matter because all the heavy lifting is being done on a server far away. Sony could be on to something very special here.

Via [GamesIndustry]

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