The GamerTell Cast Episode 2: Pre-E3 madness

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It’s the second episode of The GamerTell Cast and there’s much to talk about. E3 starts this week and so much information has either been leaked, or announced ahead of the show. Jenni and myself tear through the flurry of game announcements and talk Mario Tennis Open, The Binding of Issac and the amazing finds from Jenni’s local flea market.

The TellCast isn’t done by a long shot. We’ll be back throughout the week to give you more podcasting goodness straight from E3 2012. The first order of business will be Sony’s E3 press conference that starts Monday at 6pm Pacific. We’ll be live blogging the event, but we’ll also try to get a podcast up discussing the press conference as soon as we can. Until then, enjoy episode two at the link below.

Listen [TellCast 2]

Music Credit: “Audio” by Vim

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