E3 2012: Nintendo’s Wii U peek shows controllers and Miiverse

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Exciting news people! Nintendo has held a pre-E3 2012 Wii U conference that answers a lot of questions we have about the system. Namely, we now know lots more about the tablet/gamepad, a standard controller has been introduced and Miiverse will bring a social networking system to it and all Nintendo devices and even computers. It’s a flurry of information, but let’s briefly go over all the points so you’ll have an easier time understanding Nintendo’s press conference on Tuesday.

We’ll start with the Wii U Pro, since that’s the aspect that may have some hardcore players letting out a sigh of relief. That’s the controller you see at the right there, and it’s designed to be used with multiplatform games. I’m sure there are other games that will support it though, and I for one am excited to know I can have something a little more comfortable and less unwieldly to use when playing my Wii U RPGs. You will have to pay extra for this though, as Nintendo won’t include this in the Wii U box.

The Wii U Gamepad, however, is standard equipment for any Wii U owners and hasn’t changed too much from the prototype we saw last year and earlier this year at CES. It’s a little wider and the circle pads have been replaced by analog sticks, but other than that it’s the same tablet-controller. It will also work with every other, original Wii peripheral and have both touch screen and motion controls. Interestingly enough, the Gamepad can be used as a browser or TV remote. Pokemon fans may want to start shuddering now though, as it has the same kind of NFC technology as the Skylanders games built into it, which means some games will have supplemental figures/accessories/cards/toys that will influence the game when they’re placed on the Gamepad.

Finally, there’s the Miiverse, which is basically an improvement on Mii Plaza. It’s the social network that will debut on Wii U and eventually migrate to computers and the 3DS. Your Mii will interact with your registered friends’ Miis and the Miis of other people who happen to be playing the same game as you. You can write a note to appear over your Miis head, which will be shared with friends.

All in all, it’s pretty interesting stuff! I can’t wait for Nintendo’s press conference Tuesday. Visit GamerTell for firsthand accounts of what’s going on this week at E3.

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