E3 2012: Atlus preaching the Code of Princess

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Get ready 3DS owners for the most scantily clad princess with the biggest sword ever. Atlus has just announced it’s picked up the 2.5D beat’em up Code of Princess. Of course, you won’t just be playing as the princess in the title. This side scroller has multiple characters that are all ready to fight their way through hoards of enemies. Prepare to fight this fall!

That princess is Solange Blanchefleur de Luxe. She’s fighting to protect and save her kingdom. For some reason, the monsters that usually get along well with her people have decided to revolt and attack everyone. Which means she has to take the holy, royal sword to bring them to their senses by beating them down. That makes sense. She’ll also have allies that you can fight as, should you decide to team up with friends.

Yes, there will be multiplayer. Both competitive and cooperative is stuffed in there. So grab a friend and play either online or offline together. Either way works.

There are two reasons to pay attention to Code of Princess, and neither of them involves fanservice. One, it’s made by the people who created Guardian Heroes. Two, it will be part of the Atlus Spoils program. That means if you pre-order the game, you also get Code of Princess Sound & Visual Book. In case you can’t tell, that’s an artbook. A price hasn’t been announced, but I’d expect it’ll be $39.99.

If it’s on the show floor, I’ll play it and tell you exactly how good the current product is!

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