E3 2012: Fighting according to the Code of Princess

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Earlier this morning, I told you Atlus was localizing Agatsuma Entertainment’s 3DS beat’em up, Code of Princess. I also promised I’d try and play it on the show floor to let you know what you would and wouldn’t be missing. Well, the booth had a demo there and I was able to fight my way through one of the challenges. While I went in wanting to like it, I have to admit what I saw didn’t really impress me.

The Code of Princess demo station lines were moving pretty quickly, which was what drew me to them in the first place. It seemed like each person would play through one mission, then move along for the next to go ahead. I came in right in the middle of the story. Princess Solange and her companion Ali were in a city, walking along, when some people brushed them aside and ran past. They were stunned, of course. They were even more stunned when the guards chasing them decided that Princess Solange and Ali were looters as well and decided they’d fight them. It was time to take action!

Solange then had to face the guard captain and his troop, with 20 minutes to defeat them all. I was hoping it would be a fast-paced battle with lots of quick moves and stylish specials. It wasn’t. Solange sort-of trudged along, especially when faced with a cluster of guards. Things got a little better once the hoard was chopped down to a handful of standing soldiers, but it was still odd to have it feel so slow paced when most beat’em ups are quite snappy.

One interesting aspect was that Solange can shift planes, attacking enemies in the foreground and background, as well as the middle plane. Unfortunately, most of the guards attacked head-on in the middle ground, so I didn’t have much cause to jump around.

Eventually, at about the 17 minute mark, only Solange and the guard captain were still standing. It was then that I realized it was actually a little difficult to chain attacks. Perhaps because I had just come from Persona 4 Arena, which moved so swiftly and effortlessly, I expected more of a fast-paced affair. As it was, I mainly prodded the guard to death, at which point Solange and Ali were able to move on with their lives.

So overall, I felt the whole demo experience can be best summed up by the word, “Meh.” I would be willing to give it another chance, maybe I’ll even stop by again at the show, but it’s not on my “must have” list. Still, it will be out later this year and preorders will come with a special artbook.

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