E3 2012: How to cheat with Hyperkin’s 3DS and PS3 Game Genies

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As always, Hyperkin had a booth at E3 2012. I’d heard about two intriguing new products and figured I had to stop by. What were they, you ask? They were the newly developed 3DS and PS3 Game Genies. Once again, people will be able to pop in a device and start getting an edge in their favorite games.

The 3DS, DSi and DS Game Genie is already immediately available and ridiculously easy to use. You pop the cartridge into your system, then pop the game cartridge into that. The next thing you know, you’ll be cheating in your games. Well, in your DS games. Right now, Hyperkin only has cheat codes for DS games.

The best part about the DS/3DS Game Genie is that it does more than just make your games easier. It also contains a MicroSD card slot. If you pop one in, then you can backup your cartridges’ saved games. That seems like a handy feature for a game like Pokemon, which typically only has one saved game slot. The Game Genie also allows people to play mp3 or video files using that same MicroSD card. If you have a 3DS, you can already have mp3s on your system, but it’d be nice to have the options to watch videos as well. You can grab one immediately for $19.99.

The PS3 version isn’t available yet, but when it is out soon it will have a more involved hacking process. See, it actually involves a USB drive and a computer program. You take the included USB, transfer your PS3 saves to the drive, put it on the computer, hack your save with Hyperkin’s program, put it back on your PS3 and then start playing. You’ll still earn trophies with your tricked out save and you should have a much easier time playing. When you’re tired of the cheats, just transfer the save file back to your USB, put it on the computer, boot up the program and turn off the cheats. Best of all, this round-about means of cheating should keep PS3 firmware updates from blocking the cheats. The Hyperkin representative I spoke to said it should be released soon. It will be slightly more expensive at $29.99.

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