E3 2012: Surprise! Hatsune Miku Vita was at the Sony booth

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Guys, you will never believe what I found at Sony’s E3 2012 booth. Guess! No, don’t guess. You’d never get it right. Ready? It’s Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F! Only at Sony’s booth, it was there under the name Hatsune Miku.The Vita version of one of the best PSP music games was at E3!

I guess I should explain why I’m excited, and why you should be too. The Hatsune Miku music games star the cultural Vocaloid icon Miku Hatsune and feature a setlist of her best and most famous songs. She’s a virtual idol, as all of her songs are made with the Vocaloid program. It’s basically a standard music game with music videos starring her and the other Vocaloids, but it’s the customization options that suck you into it. You can import your own mp3s, and then make them playable in-game with customized music videos. It’s incredibly awesome, especially since you can share your custom tracks.

The demo on display had two songs available. I didn’t recognize either, but decided to go with one called “Catfood.” Why? Why not! I mean, it’s a song called “Catfood!” I couldn’t resist. It turned out to be a rock song, with Miku singing in front of a band and occasional footage of a cute cat.

Gameplay is pretty familiar for those who know the series. You press the action buttons or directional buttons when they appear on screen. Occasionally, since have to be held for a certain period of time, as indicated by timers on the indicators and tails attached to indicators. What’s different for this entry is the star “touch” indicators. When these appear, you swipe your finger across the touch screen.

Even though the song was entirely in Japanese, the menus were all in English. It was fun and easy to play, just like the other Hatsune Miku games, only in this case the visuals were vastly improved. The only downside is, the demo just offered two songs to test and didn’t allow people to play around with other Vocaloids or see how a custom song/music video looks. Still, it was a great gameplay demo and the Vita is in need of a good music game.

The Sega representative at Sony’s booth didn’t say if Hatsune Miku was being brought to North America. All she said when I asked was that Sega thought it was a fantastic piece of software so they wanted to have it on display at E3 2012 for attendees to try. However, it’s presence and the fact that someone at Sega’s official booth was wearing a Miku wig is enough to make me cautiously optimistic. Please make this happen Sega!

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