E3 2012: Going for the Moe Kill in Mugen Souls

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NIS America didn’t have its own booth at E3 2012, but it was piggybacking at Tecmo Koei’s booth to show off its latest PS3 JRPG, Mugen Souls. I’m sure many people approached it hesistantly because the demo build still had lots of Japanese text in it, but it was worth braving the possible language barriers as it looks like Keiji Inafune and Idea Factory’s created a really unique and funny new game.

The star of Mugen Souls is Chou Chou, a goddess who has just conquered everything. Or at least, she’s claimed to have conquered everything and become the universe’s number one god. Which means she has to go to seven different worlds and make all the heroes and villains on them into her minions. The demo I got to play didn’t get into all that though. Instead, I was able to take Chou Chou through an example battle against one of these villains in the hopes of making it her minion and then take part in a G-Castle airship battle.

The Mugen Souls general battle I took part in was an active turn-based battle. Players can move Chou Chou around the field, and then select which actions she’ll take from a menu. There are standard attacks and special skills. More importantly, there are Moe Kills. Moe Kills involve making Chou Chou look and say the right things to make the enemies fall in love with her. That then does more damage and makes it easier to turn them into your minions. Even though the attack commands were all in Japanese, I managed to chain together a good Moe Kill phrase to beat down the boar-creature I was facing.

From there, the demo launched into a G-Castle battle. That’s what airships are called in this game, G-Castles. Technically, the ship in this game belongs to Ryuto, but since he’s Chou Chou’s devoted minion that makes it her ship. When one of these battles happen, you see Chou Chou’s ship on one side of the screen and the opponent’s on the other’s. These are turn-based battles where certain attacks are stronger or weaker than others in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. Depending on your opponent’s health and demeanor, you can determine which attacks and skills they might use. Since all of the demo’s text for this portion was in Japanese, that made deciphering a little difficult, but I still managed to pick the right attacks to make sure Chou Chou won.

Now, before I close out this Mugen Souls glimpse, there’s something I have to highlight. During the G-Castle battle, the best and catchiest JPop song I’d heard in a long time was playing. It turns out the Japanese voice actresses recorded earworm-type songs to play during battles and other special scenes. And by earworm, I mean that they’ll burrow into your brain so you can’t get them out of your head. Prepare yourself for that when you actually play the game.

Mugen Souls should be coming to the PS3 on September 18, 2012. It’s a Compile Heart game so expect a little racy/inappropriate content. But, since it’s an NIS America you should also expect a pretty fantastic translation!

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