E3 2012: Taking on Hayate in Dead or Alive 5

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I went to the Tecmo Koei booth for some Mugen Souls, because anyone familiar with my writing on GamerTell knows I’m all about the JRPGs. While I was there, I saw multiple demo stations devoted to Dead or Alive 5, with many empty. I decided that as long I was in the area, I’d have to give it a try. Since there was no one else around, I was forced to take on the computer.

I’m not super familiar with the series, but since I did enjoy Warriors Orochi 3, I knew of Ayane. I decided I’d go with the purple haired ninja, even though I feared the fanservice that would ensue. Fortunately, that wasn’t an issue. A number of different costumes were available and one was actually something practical that a kunoichi would wear! Can you believe it? I couldn’t!

The game then let me choose who I wanted to fight. Since I was going with a ninja, I figured I should fight another ninja. I went with Hayate, because then I figured there could be some reverse fanservice for me. (He did look really good!) The game then launched into a standard best-of-two match.

Since I’d never played Dead or Alive before, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Dead or Alive 5. I was worried it’d be like Tekken, at which I’m not very skilled. Fortunately, it reminded me more of the Arc System Works and Capcom games, which meant it was very smooth, fast paced and button-masher friendly.

Oddly enough, the match difficulty seemed to get more challenging as Hayate’s health dropped. When both Ayane and Hayate were at full health, he never seemed to launch any attacks and it was easy to go on the offensive and back him into a corner. However, the second his lifebar went below half, he seemed to turn into some kind of animal, assailing poor Ayane.

Still, I proved I was the master of my Dead or Alive 5 matchup. I had Ayane use a flurry of rapid attacks and moves. The funny thing was, the graphics were so detailed and realistic that there was actually sweat rolling down Ayane’s face during her victory pose.

From what I saw in the one match I was able to play, Dead or Alive 5 is coming along really well. We’ll see it for ourselves on September 25, 2012.

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