Android Amusements: Pocket Clothier

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Who’s ready for some Android Amusements? Today we’re looking at a brand new game from Kairosoft that’s just hit the Google Play Store. Actually, it’s not totally new because it’s been out in Japan for a while, but Pocket Clothier is new to us so let’s go ahead and take a look.

Pocket Clothier is all about running a clothing store. You build shelves and displays, choose which items will be displayed on them for sale, set up different areas of the shop and hope you can snag some customers. Depending on the layout of your shop and what clothes you stock, you can end up triggering special combos that make the shop as a whole more appealing and makes people who do come in more willing to spend more money. You can also change the overall appearance of your shop to make it look cooler, either to appeal to customers or make it easier for yourself to look at while playing.

It’s about more than just running a single store sometimes. Your choices also influence the people who visit your store. Depending on what you do, what you stock and other small choices, you can end up making the people who visit you more stylish. This means that they’ll end up getting better jobs. Like someone normal can suddenly end up becoming a model or designer because your store made them a better dresser and more aware of what does and doesn’t look good.

People familiar with Kairosoft may find themselves needing to adjust a little bit to Pocket Clothier‘s new controls. For example, you have to actually slide your finger left and right along the screen to see different menus and stats for your store. Aside from that, most things are the same. Employees can read acquired manuals to become better at their jobs. Play long enough and you’ll unlock new shelves, displays, clothing and other in-store specialties to make your customers happier. You’ll even be able to add more floors to your store to make it bigger and offer more merchandise.

Most interestingly, Pocket Clothier allows you to play dress-up. You can coordinate outfits for customers who request them. They’ll ask you to dress them for a specific occasion. You then have to hope you have the right kind of clothes in your inventory to make the best impression. Each clothing item fits into the casual, chic, glamor and luxurycategories and each one has more of a chance of fitting certain situations. If all else fails, you can spend medals to make the odds of your outfit succeeding better, but it’s best to save those.

I have to be honest with you, Pocket Clothier isn’t one of Kairosoft’s best works. It’s not bad, but it’s more of a Cafe Nippon than a Game Dev Story. So it’s okay and definitely a fine way to kill 15, maybe even 30 minutes, but it won’t suck you in like some of the company’s other games. A free demo version and $4.99 full version are available, so you can test it out before you buy to make sure you’d enjoy it.

Product Page [Google Play Store]

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