Vita firmware update 1.69 completely optional

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Who’s ready for a Vita update that offers nothing remotely useful to North American owners of Sony’s handheld? I hope the answer is you, because it’s happening. Firmware update 1.69 is now available.

Fortunately, it isn’t a mandatory update. You can still go online and enjoy lots of good Vita multiplayer fun even if you don’t download 1.69. This update is apparently is all about some minor bug fixes. You won’t miss out if you decide to skip it. In fact, it’ll probably be better since you’ll be saving yourself some time.

Unfortunately, it means we’ll have to wait even longer for the Vita firmware update we actually want. You know, the one we were promised during Sony’s E3 2012 keynote. Once that one arrives sometime this summer, we’ll be able to play PSOne classics and imports on our handhelds.

I know this is all very boring. It’s about to get more interesting. At the very least, it’s about to get funny. Apparently, part of the point of this firmware update is to make the Japanese Vita run one of the weirdest and funniest JRPGs ever, Conception. So if you have a Vita and are shopping from the Japanese PlayStation Store, you can finally take scores of cat-baby armies into dungeons on your handheld!

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