Jimmy Fallon takes Halo 4 for a test drive

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Late night talk shows often feature actors, authors and musicians hawking their latest entertainment wares. NBC host Jimmy Fallon understands video games are among the biggest launches in entertainment. His show featured a week of big video game previews, including Microsoft’s upcoming juggernaut Halo 4.

Josh Holmes, creative director at developer 343 Industries, allowed Fallon to be the first person outside of the game studio to play Halo 4’s campaign. Much to Fallon’s disappointment, Holmes told him the sequel will still not allow you to see Master Chief’s face. Holmes acknowledged there is a lot of pressure taking on a franchise so readily identified with the Xbox 360. Bungie Games initially developed Halo but has since split from Microsoft to form a 10-year partnership with Activision Blizzard. 343 Industries has inherited the keys to one of the Xbox 360’s sweetest rides but the world is watching to see if they eventually wreck it. Halo 4 releases November 6, 2012.

If you saw the Halo 4 presentation during Microsoft’s E3 2012 press event, there was nothing new other than Fallon’s high-pitched screaming. If you missed that, the game features a new enemy class, the Prometheans. Master Chief will also gain access to new weapons left behind by Forerunners. The demo showed a light rifle that looks like a lot of fun to wield.

Fallon has been a champion of gaming, showing blockbusters including Gears of War 3 on his show. For his Video Game Week, NBC even did an 8-bit era homage showing Fallon running around like an action hero. Influences such as Mega Man were plainly visible. Other games publicized during the week include The Last of Us, Madden NFL 2013 and Call of Duty:Black Ops 2. Fallon ends the week with a look at Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U.

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel has proudly let his gamer cred be known as well. He starred alongside Kobe Bryant in an ad for Call of Duty:Black Ops. The new generation late night hosts understands that video games are mainstream entertainment, and people who love them are an important consumer base for all kinds of entertainment.

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