Aksys picks up Ragnarok Tactics: Princess of Light and Darkness

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The PSP may be dead, but that isn’t keeping companies from taking chances on PSP games. We all knew Atlus was bringing us Gungnir and Growlanser this month, giving us ample reason to hold on to either our PSPs or grab our Vitas, but now Aksys is getting in on the PSP love by picking up Ragnarok Tactics: Princess of Light and Darkness. The strategic RPG’s localization announcement just came up, which means by the time Fall 2012 ends we’ll have more JRPG goodness to enjoy.

So let’s get into Ragnarok Tactics. As you can guess from the title, this is a strategic RPG. It’s also a spin-off of that Ragnarok MMORPG. Don’t worry if you haven’t played that, as it doesn’t really matter. It shares job classes, locations and enemies with the MMO, but not story. No, this is a completely original adventure showing what’s happening in the Grantria Peninsula after the Holy War. As you can guess, the Holy War didn’t solve anything and once again, everyone in the region is fighting with two factions, the Aura Republic and Branshaldo Empire, leading the way.

That’s where players come into Ragnarok Tactics. You get to take your custom characters into battle, choosing which sides you want to fight for or against, and fanning the flames of war in the hopes that your side is the one that comes out on top. You can completely customize your characters, determining their equipment, shaping how they level up, picking what abilities they learn and choosing which jobs they use. You may want to pay particular attention to this, as you’ll eventually be able to participate in local multiplayer activities with friends who also own the game, fighting Extra Battles against each other.

It’s always good to know another game’s on the way for what is now a classic system. Especially when the downloadable version should be perfectly playable on the new one. Speaking of which, I wonder when Sony’s finally going to update the Vita firmware so it can run Aksys’ Hakuoki!

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