Microsoft releases My Xbox Live on Android, updates iOS app

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Android users can now experience what iOS and Windows Phone users have been experiencing for quite some time. My Xbox Live is now available for Android devices in Google Play. It lets you perform basic functions such as edit your avatar, send messages and view achievements. The iOS version on the other hand has been given a significant boost.

In addition to having all the aforementioned features, My Xbox Live for iOS now lets you remotely control your Xbox 360. You can launch apps and games through the quickplay menu, access multimedia controls and navigate the dashboard in general. There is a remote control interface in the iOS version that contains four directional buttons and the four Xbox 360 controller face buttons. It’s all functional and has very little latency.

Keep in mind this is not the Smart Glass feature that was announced at E3 last week. You can definitely see the influence though.

My Xbox Live Download Links [iTunes] [Google Play]

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