NCAA Football 13 brings bullet time to college football

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Athletes at all levels of sports talk about being “in the zone.” It’s that time when they can’t miss a shot, make every tackle or are generally playing in another gear.  When the sport’s great athletes are feeling special, they appear to be moving at a different speed than everyone else. NCAA Football 13 will allow you to really move at another speed with Reaction Time. It’s the college football version of the bullet time effect we’ve seen in Max Payne and countless movies.

It will be present in both Heisman Challenge mode and Road to Glory.  Hold down the left trigger/L2 button to slow things down. Slowing down the action will allow quarterbacks to pick apart defenses or running backs to find that perfect seam. Reaction time allows the true superstars of the game to do things normal players can only dream of.

The game wouldn’t be fair if you could pull it off constantly, so a meter measures the precious ability in seconds.

NCAA Football 13’s Heisman Challenge puts you in the cleats of football legends including Barry Sanders and Doug Flutie. Players will have to meet the statistical milestones these athletes did in their Heisman seasons. Doing so wins you college football’s most coveted award and unlocks those legends in Road to Glory mode.

Road to Glory is the career mode we’ve seen in previous versions of NCAA Football. You start out as a freshman, your big plays unlocking greater trust from your coach. The more faith he has you, the more he’ll call your number when the game is on the line. Your player’s Awareness rating determines how much Reaction Time is available in your meter. An upgrade store will allow you to purchase more ratings points, and thus more Reaction Time.

Players will now be able to return punts and kicks. Running backs, wide receivers and defensive backs can join the return team if the coach likes them enough. Reaction Time is available on returns, allowing you to set up moves that will leave defenders gasping for air.

Now if only there were a button that could speed up time so we don’t have wait a month to play it. NCAA Football 13 hits stores July 10, 2012, on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Those who purchase EA’s Season Ticket can download it and begin playing July 6, 2012. You’ll still need to purchase a physical copy after July 10, 2012.

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