Whatever Microsoft announces today, it’ll likely utilize the Xbox brand

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The internet has been speculating over the past few days about what Microsoft will reveal during an event that will take place later today. Some individuals are expecting Microsoft to reveal a Windows 8 tablet that will carry Microsoft branding. Others thought another Barnes & Noble e-reader was in the cards before B&N denied being a part of the announcement. It’s anyone’s guess what form the device will take (if it even is a device), but don’t be surprised if Xbox Live is mentioned at least once during the announcement.Microsoft has been putting increased emphasis on its Xbox platform lately. Xbox Live has proven to be a very lucrative service for Microsoft thanks to the millions of Xbox 360s sitting in living rooms around the world. Microsoft is going to promote all its entertainment services around the Xbox brand.

For example, Xbox Music and Xbox Smart Glass will be available on multiple mobile devices. The My Xbox Live application is also present across iOS, Windows and Android devices. It just makes sense for Microsoft to associate the Xbox brand with any device it champions from here on out.

I’m not convinced gaming will overshadow the entertainment services on any Microsoft device besides the Xbox 360. However, even gamers stand to have some kind of involvement in Microsoft’s upcoming announcement since we helped make Xbox Live what it is today.

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