Tomba! becomes a PSOne Classic on Tuesday

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There’s some fantastic news for people who own a PS3 and PSP today! Tomba! is finally going to show up on the PlayStation Store! Sorry Vita owners, you can’t share in our joy because Sony hasn’t released the firmware that lets you play PSOne games yet. You can be excited for us though on June 19, 2012, when the game shows up in the PSOne Classics section. That name has never seemed so deserving.

Tomba! follows Tomba, a young wild-man who’s being plagued by pigs. These seven especially evil pigs that not only completely changed the islands on which Tomba and all his friends lived, but also stole his grandpa’s bangle and lots of gold. They’re just so greedy. Tomba then goes through each area, defeating pigs to complete both main and side missions and make everyone’s life better again.

What’s interesting is that Tomba! is a side-scrolling platformer that also has missions to complete. Tomba has to do things to advance the story and help people around him. Considering there are 130 of them, I think you can tell that many are supplemental activities. Each one provides and Adventure Point reward which can unlock new areas or allow Tomba to unlock treasure.

We should all be really thankful for this release, as it took effort on Monkeypaw Games’ part to get it. See, Tomba! was published by the developer, Whoopee Camp, in Japan and in other regions by Sony. Which meant getting it on the PlayStation Store meant dealing with both companies to get it released. I’m sure that was made even harder by the fact that Whoopee Camp broke up after Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.

Now that you’re all interested, I bet you’re concerned about Tomba!‘s price. We won’t know what Tomba! will cost until tomorrow. Odds are, it’ll probably be around $6 or $7 like most PSOne Classics. There’s a chance it could be $9.99 like the more illustrious Final Fantasy and Legend of Dragoon games, but I doubt it. Monkeypaw Games is pretty fair when it comes to pricing products. Even if it does end up being $9.99, it’d still be worth it. Tomba! is a fantastic game.

By now you’re probably wondering what’s going on with the box art at the right there. That’s what the game looked like in Europe. I liked it better than the North American box art so I figured, why not give it some love? Catch that pig Tomba!

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