Amazon product listing reveals God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition

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It turns out today is the day we learn things that were totally obvious. An Amazon product listing has revealed that Sony is planning not only a $59.99 standard release of God of War: Ascension, but a $79.99 collector’s edition as well. So basically, it wasn’t enough that a series that really only needed three, maybe four, games to tell an antihero’s whole story stretched out to a now seven game series, Sony wants to cash in even more with a slightly more glamorous special edition.

The Amazon product listing didn’t show the items included in the God of War: Ascension collector’s edition, but it did list pretty much everything that will be in the box. You get the PS3 game, of course, tucked safely inside a special Steelbook case. You also get an 8″ tall statue of Kratos, which will spend its days glowering at you menacingly from your desk, maybe a bookcase. The rest of the extras are all digital or virtual items.

The best non-physical reward will probably be the download of the God of War: Ascension soundtrack. The series does tend to have pretty good music, so that’s a pretty good bonus. It will also come with some kind of DLC pass, though Amazon wasn’t sure what that DLC will be.

The other rewards are fairly anticlimactic. Most useful is probably the Double XP unlock for multiplayer, for those people who are actually going to take advantage of the new feature. The God of War: Ascension dynamic theme might be okay for a while too. At the very least, it should give your XMB a little variety. I doubt anyone’s world will be rocked by the free avatars though. I mean, it’s just a few extra icons from the game that you can put next to your PSN tag. It’s no big whoop.

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