Top Google Play developers can now reply to user reviews

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Google is rolling out a new developer feature today that will allow them to directly respond to individual user reviews. For now, only Top Developers will have access to this feature, but Google will open it up to more developers in the future. 

This new feature is meant to improve the developer/user relationship on a more personal level. If you read Google Play reviews, you may have noticed how often someone gives an app a low rating because of a bug that only they experience. Now developers can respond to that user and offer them assistance in solving their problem. Google will even notify users by email whenever a developer responds to their review. From there, the developer and user can communicate back and forth until a resolution is found.

Developers can really benefit from this. By just interacting with users and fixing their problems, negative reviews have the potential to become positive. Developers can also gain loyal customers and a good overall reputation if they keep up the communication.

Via [Android Developers Blog]

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