Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC out June 26, 2012

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The end is upon us. The Reclaim Mass Effect mission’s efforts are finally being rewarded. On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, the free Extended Cut DLC pack will be released and will hopefully make the ending a lot more fulfilling for the majority of gamers who looked at it and thought, “What the HELL?!?!” This is just the North American release date for the Extended Cut, however. Europe will get it on July 4, 2012. So that’s kinda saf for them.

I suppose the good news is that the Extended Cut DLC will be a whopping 1.9GB. Yes, there’s that much extra content. From the sound of the description from the BioWare Blog, it’s all scenes added on to the ending we already saw. Some will show what happened after the whole Reaper war, others will show what happened during the moments of the last battle. Apparently, they’ll all be informative and crucial in rounding out what happened, and how your decisions in Mass Effect through Mass Effect 3 actually impacted the fate of the universe.

Which is great, because in Mass Effect 3 we originally only got three different explosion colors when the relays all blew up.

I’m about to get spoilerific here, so feel free to look away in case you’re one of the five people online who hasn’t heard what happens in Mass Effect 3.

Who’s excited? I’m happy it’s finally coming, but not super psyched about it. I mean, it apparently is only going to “clarify” the ending. That ridiculous Starchild is still going to be there. My biggest issue was bringing down the whole ending to this big deus ex moment that really had nothing to do with my decisions.

That and Joker running away with the Normandy and the squadmates that were just on Earth with you, even when Harbinger fired the beam at you, were just beyond believe. I don’t see how extra epilogue scenes are really going to make that any better and clearer.

Of course, I’m still mad that Harbinger was set up to be this Big Bad in Mass Effect 2, but then was nothing more than a passing mention in Mass Effect 3.

Read [BioWare Blog]

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