Digital Extremes debuts its upcoming free-to-play shooter called Warframe

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Digital Extremes, the developers of The Darkness 2 and the upcoming Star Trek game, just announced its latest project called Warframe. Warframe is going to be a free-to-play PC shooter that’s scheduled to be released this winter.  

Warframe is a cooperative shooter that allows teams of four to fight against AI enemies. The game’s story tells of an ongoing war between two races called Tenno and Grineer. The Grineer had enslaved and nearly wiped out the entire Tenno race before the Tenno discovered exoskeleton technology known as Warframes. The Warframes can be upgraded by participating in missions that are automatically generated within the game. The missions are going to be random, so everyone should have their own unique experience.

A closed beta program for Warframe will go live in the fall. If you’re interested in joining up and reserving your character’s alias, head to the Warframe website and sign up. You’ll also get an exclusive pre-launch weapon for your troubles.

Site [Warframe]

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