Don’t Starve is a survival sim you need to play

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Klei Entertainment is best known for the Shank franchise. I really enjoyed Shank, so I’m naturally interested in anything Klei is working on. Today, I came across Klei’s experimental survival game called Don’t Starve. Don’t Starve is currently available from the Google Chrome Web Store for free and I can already tell how much of a time sink this game is going to be for me.

Don’t Starve is a quite literal description of what this game is all about. You play as a character named Wilson who finds himself trapped in a forest with no supplies. The goal here is to survive as long as you can by utilizing the environment. If you’ve played Minecraft, you are definitely going to enjoy the crafting mechanics in Don’t Starve.

Let me give you an example of what you have to do in Don’t Starve. Right off the bat, you have to find food and materials to make a fire before night comes. If you find yourself in the dark, you will get killed by creatures (likely spiders) in the dark. Therefore, you have to find twigs, grass, flints, logs and anything else you can carry to survive. You can combine items to make animal traps, weapons, tools, torches, a camp fire and many other things. It’s essential to use your time as wisely as possible. The day/night cycles in Don’t Starve don’t last long, so you can’t just waste time being unproductive.

I’m still trying to hone my survival skills in this game. The overall goal is to create some kind of stability to ensure Wilson doesn’t starve. I’d say its wise to set up shop somewhere good and build out from there. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some rabbits to catch.

Download Link [Chrome Web Store]

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