Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut lets players reject their fate

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If you own an Xbox 360 and were up pretty early this morning, there’s a good chance you’ve already downloaded and applied the free Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC to your game. If you did, you’ll have found something is different about the Starchild’s speech. It’s something that explains why BioWare said people had to have a save from before the attack on the Cerberus Base to see the Extended Cut DLC in action. There are some mild spoilers ahead, I won’t get into what actually happens, so brace yourself.

The original Mass Effect 3 ending gave players three responses when faced with the Starchild and the choice for the fate of the galaxy. Players could destroy, join with or control the Reapers. Applying Extended Cut to your game also allows players to “reject” all of the Starchild’s options. In this case, some pretty interesting stuff happens. I want to avoid any spoilers, but you could consider this refusal ending the troll ending.

The Extended Cut of course also changes the other three endings. Players now get an extended video sequence that offers a little more explanation of what’s happening and why, like why Joker fled Earth even though Shepard was still there. After the ending sequence, there are also some stills that show what happened to some of the characters after your decision.

So, what do you all think? Are you satisfied or do you think BioWare did too much originally and can’t salvage the ending now? I think I’m in the middle. I just don’t care anymore, and the only thing that could make me care is DLC that sends Shepard out to save the shipwrecked crew. I know I’m sure never buying a BioWare game new again!

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