CCP Games lets you buy your way into the Dust 514 beta

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Dust 514 was always a free-to-play game at its core, but it originally required players to pay around $15 as part of a start-up fee. CCP Games scrapped that idea completely, but you can still choose to pay $20 if you want guaranteed access the Dust 514 beta and other goodies.

The Mercenary Pack for Dust 514 is now available to purchase in the PlayStation Store for $19.99. Purchasing the Mercenary Pack will grant you access to every Dust 514 beta event from this Thursday. You’ll also be able to play Dust 514 when other “normal” beta testers can’t such as off weekends.

CCP is also throwing in a decent number of weapons, gear, a skill booster and 4,000 Aurum (paid in-game currency) for your patronage.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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