Pokemon Black and White Version 2 give DS new life in October

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Pokemon Black and White Version 2 have just been released in Japan and, of course, they’ve been ridiculously successful. Over 1.5 million copies of the DS games were sold last week. So of course they’re getting a worldwide release. North America will go through a new Pokemon quest on October 7, 2012, while Europeans return to Unova a few days later on October 12, 2012. In addition, Pokemon Dream Radar will appear on the eShop in both regions on the day the DS games launch.

Pokemon Black and White Version 2 are sequels to Pokemon Black and White, set two years after the original game. Players star as a whole new prospective pokemon champion with a new rival as they go through Unova, which has changed quite a bit over the years. Once again, you have to catch pokemon, fight rival trainers and challenge gym leaders in the hopes of eventually facing the Elite Four. Pokemon Black and White Version 2 also introduce Pokestar Studios where players can make movies and the Pokemon World Tournament where you face old gym leaders from previous games.

If you’re having trouble finding and catching certain pokemon in Pokemon Black and White Version 2 and you have a 3DS, then you can grab Pokemon Dream Radar from the eShop and play a Face Raiders style game where you shoot at pokemon to capture them. You can then transfer captured pokemon from the game into your DS game.

Prices haven’t been released for any of the three Pokemon games yet. Pokemon Dream Radar will probably be under $10, while Pokemon Black and White Version 2 will probably be $34.99 each.

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