Dust 514 beta codes going out now

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There have been a few opportunities to get into the Dust 514 beta. We could have simply signed up for it, grabbed a code from its PlayStation Home space or buy our way in. If all you did was sign up, check your email now. Codes for this weekend’s beta are being sent out now.The Dust 514 beta will last until Monday. If you opted to purchase the Mercenary Pack from PSN, you may be able to continue playing after the beta weekend ends. Expect to download a 1959MB file.

It’ll be great to place this game away from the distracting E3 show floor where I played it originally. I’ll be able to get a better idea on how long it takes to purchase equipment with the in-game currency  as opposed to spending real money. Unfortunately the beta requires everyone to keep quiet about what they experience, but I’ll be taking notes for when the embargo lifts.

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